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New Canaan Police Department's Fundraising Page

Thank You for participating in our No Shave event! This event raises needed funds for our many programs and services, and is a fun, visual way to provoke dialogue and raise awareness about the challenges of a pediatric cancer diagnosis.

To participate or sponsor an officer please click the green donate button on the right. To recognize your officer please include their name in the donation message.

ABOUT No Shave November 2019
Name Date Amount Comments
Steve & Sue Griffith 11/12/2019 $150.00  
Anonymous Friend 11/12/2019 $50.00 An Important Cause. Thank you for all you do NCPD.
Ashley, Maddie, & Brennan Walsh 11/11/2019 $150.00 Go NCPD!
Stephen De Blasio 11/11/2019 $150.00 From Joseph, Stephen, and Kerry DeBo
Jill Telesco 11/10/2019 $50.00  
John DiFederico 11/08/2019 $60.00 Let’s go NCPD!!!
Mark Matuszewski 11/08/2019 $50.00  
Jason Cash 11/08/2019 $100.00 Chet is persuasive
Mark Pheeney 11/08/2019 $50.00 Stay safe NCPD!
Nicholle Burke 11/07/2019 $50.00  
Eileen & Pat Dewey 11/03/2019 $100.00 Great job Chris! Hope this helps
Danielle Sibilia 11/02/2019 $25.00  
Caitlin Schweigler 11/02/2019 $5.00 Thank you Officer Chris!
Anonymous Friend 11/01/2019 $50.00  
Anonymous Friend 11/01/2019 $100.00  
Maria Kean 11/01/2019 $50.00 Good luck and so great ur doing this!
Anonymous Friend 09/14/2019 $10.00  
  Total $1,200.00  
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